3-Hour Class

Frontline Psychedelic Sampler

The last couple of years have taken a toll on a large part of humanity, and among the most impacted were Frontline Healthcare Workers. While fatigue was always at the forefront of the job, stress and burnout symptoms are now overwhelming across the entire healthcare system. As we seek to support this population of our society, we turn to psychedelics and look to a well known tool that, with a bit more intention and education, can help our frontline workers find some relief.

The Frontline Psychedelic Sampler combines mindfulness, music, breath awareness, and the intentional use of cannabis within a ceremonial container. These circles give you a chance to experience a psychedelic journey in a safe and supportive space. They are intended to teach skills in breathwork, body awareness, alchemy, nervous system regulation, and emotional intelligence. Participants walk away feeling a deeper sense of connection to themselves and their community, while feeling empowered in their wellbeing.

Next Class: November 22nd | 5-8p | $100 per class | 8 Participants

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A Taste of Deep Connection

The benefits of our psychedelic sampler class

Advanced Body Awareness

Increased awareness of body sensations

Increased Resiliency

Improve your ability to face challenges

Deep Emotional Release

Release emotions at the somatic level

Decrease Depression Symptoms

Expand your emotional health

Enhanced Nervous System

Regulate your nerves more effectively

Expanded Connection

To your self, others, and nature

Each Class Includes...

  • Preparation and intention conversation
  • Meditation,
  • Group check-in
  • Instructions on the practice
  • How to work with cannabis in this setting
  • Intentional group imbibe
  • Inward journey music set
  • Safe return and group integration
  • Skills-building that goes beyond the circle
Reserve Your Seat

There is no experience required for this class, just an open mind.

Class Practitioners


Lead Facilitator & Therapist

Rich's Bio


Co-Facilitator & RN

What Participants Are Saying

With guidance from Rich for preparation and integration it becomes an opportunity to occupy a restorative space and to connect better with that space in daily life. The cannabis circle will be a regular part of my yearly wellness practice and I recommend it whole-heartedly to those looking to do the work required to be human.

This richly rewarding, empowering and indeed healing holistic approach to the intentional use of cannabis was very skillfully and empathetically conducted in a safe setting conducive to both self-exploration and group bonding.

I was delighted in how well, gently and sensitively the sessions were guided as well as how they resonated with similar experiences with meditation, yoga and reiki to open the heart, quiet the mind, and relax while energizing the body.

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Next Class Starts On November 22 from 5:00-8:00pm

at 623 King St W, Kingston, ON K7M 2E7