About This Program

Psychedelics are some of the oldest cultivated plants in the world, grown and consumed for recreational, medical and ritual purposes with a long history of ceremonial use. We work with accessible plant medicines to conduct a gentle, safe and highly approachable experience for all of our participants. In this program you'll be able to easily drop into meditative, somatic and emotional regulating states of consciousness to allow for deep transpersonal, interrelational, emotional and spiritual transformation.

The four stages of our Psychedelic-Assisted Group Program creates an intentional progression that allows for the beginner and the advanced psychedelic user to explore, learn and transform together. Below is an overview of the 4-day schedule.

Day 1

Day one includes setting our container and conducting our our first 3-hour group ceremony. This is our time to learn about each other, and our shared intentions.

Day 2

Day 2 includes our second deep dive group session, allowing us to progress further into our intentions and discover new understanding and awareness.

Day 3


Day 4

Our fourth day is all about integrating our experience. We come back together virtually for a detailed integration session to complete our work together.

Ongoing integration and support is sometimes needed following our 4-day program. You will be given the opportunity to expand your experience with by-donation membership which will give you access to resources, other participants and a global network of psychedelic explorers.

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Who Is This Program For?

The Psychedelic-Assisted Group Program is open to anyone interested in gaining a new understanding of how to work with psychedelics. This guided program is perfect for people who are curious about psychedelics and for those experienced psychedelic users looking to expand their practice.

The Seeker

The first-time psychedelic seeker looking for peer connection, insight and helpful therapeutic guidance.

The Explorer

The long-time plant medicine explorer looking to get more from their psychedelic practice.

The Creator

The artist or the entrepreneur; the individuals working with plant medicine to create and inspire.

What Past Participants Are Saying

"This richly rewarding, empowering and indeed healing holistic approach to the intentional use of psychedelics was very skillfully and empathetically conducted in a safe setting conducive to both self-exploration and group bonding"

"I was delighted in how well, gently and sensitively the sessions were guided as well as how they resonated with similar experiences with meditation, yoga and reiki to open the heart, quiet the mind, and relax while energizing the body."

“Richard’s circle felt incredibly safe. He was there not only to guide, but to listen and hold space for all. The process was simple yet impactful and gentle. It can be as involved as you like it to be, he was very open to however deep we wanted to go and was ready to guide accordingly.”

"With guidance from Rich for preparation and integration it becomes an opportunity to occupy a restorative space and to connect better with that space in daily life. The psychedelic circle will be a regular part of my yearly wellness practice and I recommend it whole-heartedly to those looking to do the work required to be human.”

"I have participated in two online psychedelic circles with Rich. I am a regular psychedelic user but was really surprised at how novel this experience is. It is remarkable how psychedelics can be under these conditions."

"I have to say that I came away feeling rejuvenated and more in touch with my body, mind and soul. I felt so safe and just let myself go. The energy I felt from the other patrons was calm and unlike anything I have felt before on an earth level."

Program Practitioners


Lead Facilitator & Therapist

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Co-Facilitator & RN


Somatic Movement Guide


Breathwork Facilitator

Program Application

In alignment with our Equal Access Community Fund, we offer a scaled price option. This structure makes it possible for more people to access this program with financial support by the community and those who have access to more resources. With a percentage of each payment going towards our Community Fund you help to add more scholarships, allowing for equal access across our entire community.

Choose the option that feels appropriate to you and your circumstances:


For those with limited resources who will benefit from access supplemented by the community.


Save your seat with a $50 deposit


For those with sufficient financial resources and who can pay fair value for the experience.


Save your seat with a $50 deposit


For those with enough financial resources and a desire to help rebalance community equality.


Save your seat with a $50 deposit